Make easy calculating loops and printing kanban cards

KanbanBOX helps you save till 80% of the time spent calculating kanban loops and printing cards. You can free up resources for strategic activities like extending and improving the kanban system.

Implement electronic kanban quickly

You need just a few minutes to sign up in KanbanBOX, load your data and start working with electronic kanban!
In 10 minutes you can connect to the first customer or supplier and start sharing kanban informations in real time!

Enable real kanban system maintenance

Kanban maintenance is an activity of vital importance, though often ignored. This is because updating kanban loop calculation can be a very time-consuming task! With KanbanBOX kanban maintenance is fast and easy to complete: now you really have the opportuny of re-aligning inventory every time demand changes.

Acquire supply chain visibility

Tracking electronically every kanban check-out and replenishment means that you are able to know your supply chain status and detect abnormal conditions. Moreover, KanbanBOX collects valuable data for continuous improvement, like demand trend compared to calculated consumption rate or effective lead time and service level of your suppliers.