KanbanBOX for Purchasing

When a company needs to purchase a large amount of components from its suppliers, it is important to use a tool that allows you to reduce stock and order management costs to a minimum, while preventing all out-of-stock situations. KanbanBOX enables you to make a simple and automatic exchange of information with your suppliers as well as keeping the sizing of your kanban always in line with market demand.

With KanbanBOX you simply need to read the barcode on the kanban card in order to send a real time signal to the supplier, informing them that the item has been consumed and that it is necessary to replenish the kanban within an arranged date.

All suppliers can check the virtual board to see the state of the various kanban and print out the cards for those items that need replenishing. Furthermore, with KanbanBOX you can simultaneously manage the kanban system alongside other orders.

KanbanBOX for Production

For a manufacturing company, production planning is a strategic activity that enables it to promptly satisfy the client’s needs.

KanbanBOX provides a simple and intuitive way to manage the production of materials within the kanban system along with other production orders.

You can easily know the workload and the progress of your orders.

In addition, KanbanBOX regularly suggests the ideal sizing for your kanban system, in order to have the lowest possible supply without risking stock-out situations.

KanbanBOX for Material Handling

When it is time to replenish several workstations with all the components necessary for production, you need a standardized system that can guide your workers and help them carry out replenishment.

By reading the barcodes in every workstation, KanbanBOX collects a list of all the components that need replenishing and suggests the shortest possible picking route to the warehouse worker.

With KanbanBOX, internal logistics becomes an automatic process aimed towards supply reduction and maximum efficiency.

KanbanBOX for Sales with the added value of a kanban service

More and more Suppliers, in many manufacturing sectors, are starting to set up a kanban service to reinforce customer loyalty by providing a service that gives added value.

For the Customer, having a kanban service means they are able to delegate the re-ordering of materials to the supplier while simplifying their own internal processes.

The electronic kanban of KanbanBOX enables you to obtain customer consumption visibility and to have an automatic materials replenishment cycle.

Thanks to its simplicity, KanbanBOX is the perfect solution if you want to implement a kanban service quickly, satisfying your Customers and gaining a competitive advantage!

KanbanBOX for production leveling – Heijunka

The process of leveling production (known as Heijunka) and bringing it in line with the ‘takt time’ (the pace of sales) is an activity which is fundamental to all lean production processes.

In a heijunka system, work orders are released in small quantities with a regular rhythm in order to impose a constant pace to the whole process.

The Heijunka function of KanbanBOX enable you to distribute the workload in a uniform way over the course of the week and of the day.

It also allows you to visualize information on a screen in the production areas so as to give a regular rhythm to workers’ activities.

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