KanbanBOX for Purchasing

When a company needs to purchase a large amount of components from its suppliers, it is important to use a tool that allows you to reduce stock and order management costs to a minimum, while preventing all out-of-stock situations. KanbanBOX enables you to make a simple and automatic exchange of information with your suppliers as well as keeping the sizing of your kanban always in line with market demand.

With KanbanBOX you simply need to read the barcode on the kanban card in order to send a real time signal to the supplier, informing them that the item has been consumed and that it is necessary to replenish the kanban within an arranged date.

All suppliers can check the virtual board to see the state of the various kanban and print out the cards for those items that need replenishing. Furthermore, with KanbanBOX you can simultaneously manage the kanban system alongside other orders.