KanbanBOX for the management and the control of the entire productive process

The control of the productive cycle is a high strategic activity for the competitive manufacturing company.. In order to have an efficient production, able to face the demand instability and quickly satisfy the market requests, it is fundamental not only to plan but also to balance the production by working on the volumes.

KanbanBOX for production, for logistics and production leveling off (Heijunka), allows planning production so that it is always in line with the customers requests, to automate then internal logistics, to balance the internal productive cell workload.

Specific fundamental applications for the real Lean company that aims to the maximum efficiency!

Ekanban for the manufacturing industry production process management

Planning and leveling off: the keys to your success!

KanbanBOX is the web software designed for the companies that use kanban in order to manage their own internal production and that wish to maximize the efficiency of the physical kanaban with a digital solution for the flow monitoring and the dimensioning update simplification..

For a manufacturing wasteless company, efficient and able to quickly satisfy the market requests it is fundamental not only planning, but also balancing production.

According to the demand instability, it is difficult to generate reliable forecast, while leveling off the production requires working on the production volumes: KanbanBOX allows knowing the work load and the order pr, by planning production so that it is always in line with the customers requests and allocating supplies so that it is possible to face the forecasting uncertainty.

At the same time, the software allows automating the internal logistics and the handling of materials among departments, diminishing supplies and reducing lead time. Finally, by working on the production leveling off (Heijunka), that balances the work load within the productive cell by minimizing the supply fluctuations, production is aligned to takt time.

With the KanbanBOX functionalities for the factory it is possible to:

  • Process kanban orders with other production orders

  • Automatically group production batches

  • Obtain view on the work load and on the progress

  • Avoid over production

  • Obtain view on consumptions for each point of use

  • Reduce department supplies

  • Obtain pull withdraw lists

  • Optimize the logistics and the delivery and picking paths

  • Level off with one sole click

  • Absorb the demand volatility

  • Monitor in real time the progress rhythms

KanbanBOX is all you need to get information systematically around
and create a winning and lean productive process!

By integrating the KanbanBOX web interface with the company ERP it is possible, moreover, to obtain the maximum process efficiency , by managing at the same time production orders and kanban material production, all in a intuitive and simple way.

Discover the KanbanBOX functionalities specific for the production and supply processes optimization within the factory!


Dimension and decrease supplies!

With KanbanBOX you can manage kanaban material production and along with the other production orders, obtaining view on the work load and the orders progress. The system proposes moreover the ideal dimensioning, by diminishing supplies without any stock out risk



Standardize logistics and picking!

When it is necessary to refurbish many work stations, it is necessary a standardized that guides operators to the replenishment. KanbanBOX collects the list of all the components to be refurbished through the barcode reading and optimizes the picking and delivering paths (Milk Run).



Level off with one click!

The functionality allows the uniform distribution of the daily and weekly work loads within the productive cells By visualizing the information on the dedicated board, it regulates the single operators working rhythm, leveling off the picking and monitoring the progress in real time.


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