KanbanBOX and Industry 4.0: The Manufacturing model of the future

KanbanBOX is a Cloud software born from the digital evolution of the lean thinking that spreads the door of Supply Chain Collaboration to companies, by supporting them through the digitalization of orders and supplies, optimizing flows and improving the Lead Time.

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Industry 4.0 digital transformation smart manufacturing and E-Kanban 4.0

KanbanBOX is the web software that supports companies and SME through the digitalization processes of the order and supply management, improving the organizational processes, products and services thanks to the most innovative technologies and digital methodologies. With over 3000 references in Italy and abroad, KanbanBOX is the most complete tool offered to company teams in order to carry out automated replenishments, through a quick and Cloud-access digital platform, able to add value to the entire value chain. Companies and SME are called to innovate their own business in order to resist to a market which is constantly more and more rapid and fluid: the digital evolution of the lean technology proposed by KanbanBOX leads, through the application of a material flow electronic kanban management system, a process of change that is first of all a cultural one, afterwards a business transformation one and consequently connected to technology.

Industry 4.0 digital transformation smart manufacturing e E-Kanban 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the model of the future Manufacturing. Thanks to Smart Technologies, companies and SME will always be more connected and able to increase cooperation among their own resources, involving people, goods, knowledge, information. A virtuous model that operates internally and that covers the entire value chain, improving production and increasing efficiency and competitiveness. Innovation is a big opportunity for companies, especially in the manufacturing field. Measures are numerous among one can choose in order to win not only market challenges, but also and especially the digital revolution one. In order to create a competitive industry, boost innovation and take on markets, in order to be among the key players of the Smart Manufacturing, in order to be prepared for the appointment with the future, to avoid missing the one with the Industry 4.0.

E-Kanban 4.0: E-Kanban + RFID + E-ink

The evolution 4.0 of the e-kanban for a complete flow automation and getting rid of paper labels

As support to enhancing technologies 4.0, KanbanBOX has introduced a new tool: E-Kanban 4.0, an essential system for the correct and lean functioning of the Supply Chain as it is able to get around reliable and essential information for the operability in real time.

E-Kanban 4.0 combines all the advantages of the electronic kanban with two different and matchable technologies: the Tag radio frequency reading RFID technology, which consists in the elimination of reading hardware devices, and E-ink display labels , with electronic ink, in place of paper labels. Thanks to the combined use of the three systems, electronic kanban + E-ink+ RFID, it is possible to optimize the Material Pull management and the replenishment of the Supermarket, reaching a complete flow automation and getting rid of paper labels.

E-Kanban 4.0 offers:

  • Fixed or mobile position access for reading Tags from few centimeters up to 3 meters

  • Flexible Tags for metal or plastic applications

  • Tag and Readers for the different operating frequencies in use (LF, HF, UHF)

  • Portable readers to ease workers' duties

  • Custom solutions for any need

High visibility, better control, high performance.
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The RFID identification system discloses new perspectives for the automation techniques, making visible the whole supply and production chain and automating goods and semi-worked handling in warehouse departments.. Besides a real time and complete visibility of the material flow, the technology allows planning and commanding the processes with precision and efficiency, reaching a complete automation.

RFID System

The RFID allows identifying unequivocally and automatically kanbans, allowing the distant massive collection of data. Based on the transponder technology, it is made of a micro chip and a communication antenna, assembled on a dedicated support that spreads electro-magnetic waves. It is a solution adaptable to several sectors and application fields and it stands out for the wide range, the high reading speed and the possibility to identify errors. It is about a transversal technology unique as for identification of objects: it works contactless and without a direct tag visibility, allowing the identification of more objects at the same time.

    A RFID system is made of:

  •  Various dimension industrial format Transponder or RFID Tag

  •  RFID HF industrial reader with Tag reading/writing functions

  •  UHF Readers/Writers Antenna

  •  Portable barcode industrial reader

E-ink System

The Interactive labels are Wi-Fi electronic interactive labels with container monitoring and notification functions They represent the most innovative electronic identification tool able to match digital advantages with the specific flexibility and power of the IoT. The E-ink technology, aka e-paper or electric ink, accurately reproduces paper labels. Labels have a derisory electric consumption and over 5000 screen changes operating time. They have been designed to interact with the user, therefore not only to display correct information, but to optimize, boost and make more efficient the activities of the process.

On the display it is possible to display various back office information:

  •  product code, barcode or QR code

  •  company logo

  •  product images, quantity and variations

  •  warehousing, stock failures, status of the kanbans.

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