KanbanBOX and Power BI

Process complex Business Intelligence data

With the increase in data, companies need to have Business Intelligence tools that transform this data into useful information for decision-making. Microsoft Power BI is the perfect tool to analyze data and share information within the company organization, allowing to build even complex analyzes in an autonomous, intuitive and collaborative way. Together with Excel, Power BI is part of the Office 365 suite.

By combining the data produced by KanbanBOX with Power BI you can get amazing results! Power BI allows you to identify, model and filter data in Power Query, group reports, share datasets and filters with your team (via the web or via the app). You can also control users accessing reports and access frequency and define specific alerts.

Francesco Dall'Oca
Join Francesco Dall'Oca, Partner of KanbanBOX, as he highlights how to use Negotiation feature
September 10, 5-5:30 pm UTC+2
Power BI can be integrated with any existing company infrastructure: through the embedding of Power BI within KanbanBOX it is possible to exploit all its own potential, in a perfect combination of Business Intelligence, Cloud and Collaboration.

During the webinar our expert will show you how to:

  • collect data and define data models and KPIs
  • set up reports, dashboards and infographics
  • monitor the performance of specific variables within KanbanBOX (Late Orders, Delivered Orders…)
  • filter data for secondary dimensions (Late Orders by the supplier, by year...)
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