Come and meet KanbanBOX at the trade fair of Stuttgart Logimat
KanbanBOX will be at Mecspe, that will be held in Parma from 22nd to 24th of March 2018.
Come and meet us at Hall 5 - Stand C19 !
You will find live demonstrations of electronic kanban applications along the supply chain!
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Ask us your free entrance to Mecspe 2018, with a free parking ticket included.
In the KanbanBOX booth, our e-kanban experts will show you:
  • Extended supply chain e-kanban: a full working example of e-kanban implemented in the supply chain to manage production processes, picking and moving material to assembly lines, purchasing and sales
  • E-Kanban 4.0: E-Kanban + RFID + E-ink: As support to enhancing technologies 4.0, KanbanBOX has introduced a new tool, E-Kanban 4.0. This is an essential system for the correct and lean functioning of the Supply Chain as it is able to get around reliable and essential information for the operability in real time. It combines all the advantages of the electronic kanban with two different and matchable technologies: the Tag radio frequency reading RFID technology and E-ink display labels , with electronic ink. Improve kanban performances respecting the environment!
  • Synchro kanban: how to extend the benefits of electronic kanban to all part numbers, involving also materials with low or unpredictable consumption
  • Advanced analytics: how to get the maximum from your kanban system, thanks to the completely new and advanced statistic tools

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Calculate and manage your kanban system

Analyze consumption, calculate container number, print cards and maintain the system up to date when demand conditions change

Communicate in real time with suppliers and customers thanks to ekanban

Just scan a barcode and the supplier receives replenishment signals exactly when consumption occurs

Integrate the ekanban system with your ERP

Automate information exchange between the ekanban system and your ERP software, in order to avoid double recordings and make business procedures lean


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