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KanbanBOX uses the power of Lean to innovate your company and bring value into your supply chain.

How it works

Size and update the Kanban system

Analyse consumption, size containers, print cards and keep the system updated as conditions change.

Communicate with customers and suppliers in real time

By reading the barcodes, information on the consumption of materials is transmitted in an instant to those who need to replenish them.

Integrate the E-kanban system with the ERP

Automate the exchange of information between the e-kanban system and the ERP software to avoid double imputations and streamline business procedures.

About KanbanBOX

The Supply Chain Management Software for lean management of material flows in Procurement, Production, and Logistics.

KanbanBOX is the first solution developed in Europe capable of transforming the procurement process.

How can we help you with KanbanBOX?

Our goal is very clear: to help industrial companies of all sizes to involve customers and suppliers and to speed up and optimize the procurement of products. Finding efficiency in a shared and sustainable direction!

Loss of productivity, delays, capital standing idle. Materials that are not found or in excess. And no control over what happens in your company


Thanks to a suite of ready-to-use tools, KanbanBOX organizes the data, links the physical flow of materials to the information flow, helps you to correctly size the kanban cards and share information with all the production and information areas concerned.


Eliminating process delays, stagnation of materials, inventory and pending processes. That is, the accumulation of costs along your production process, from the receipt of  orders to the delivery of  finished products. Making processes fluid and visible, optimising costs and business time-scales.

To address new global challenges and shape a successful future, it is essential for organisations to rethink their supply network, eliminating physical limitations and reviewing the distance factor of their supply chain.


KanbanBOX enables real-time communication between customers and supplier companies, facilitating the transition from a linear and centralised supply model to decentralised networks, which allow you to manage a greater number of orders and with less waste.


Extend the kanban system along the Supply Chain. Make system management faster, more accurately and efficiently thanks to the electronic kanban. Simplify maintenance and sizing activities, to keep stocks always aligned with consumption.

The value of a company lies not only in the excellence of its products and services, but also in the ability to build and consolidate a relationship of trust with customers. Being in the production chain of large industry represents the opportunity to have prestigious, solid and reliable customers for your business. However, the standards required are high and often different from those small and medium-sized enterprises are used to. Stand out from the competition and retain your customers thanks to the added value of the kanban service. KanbanBOX allows you to provide an electronic kanban service to customers quickly and at low cost!

We know what it means to guide a company in implementing the kanban system and that having the right tools at your disposal when you need them means reaching the success of the project within the established time frame. If you are involved in lean consultancy, we can work together for the satisfaction of your customers!

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      Let's talk!

      Find out about the potential of our platform for the Lean management of your Supply Chain!
      Fill out the form and we will contact you back to schedule a video call.