Case studies

Rossi SpA | Gearmotors and Electric Motors

Rossi Spa moved overcome the manual kanban limits thanks to e-kanban.

Centre Oscar Lambret | Healthcare

The electronic kanban allowed this healthcare center to align the stock with the real needs and to make the replenishment process more efficient.

ONO Lean Logistics & KanbanBOX

The two companies have been collaborating since 2015: the perfect combo has been the growth they have faced together over the years.

KanbanBOX | Kaizen Institute | Mec – Track

The successful partnership between Kaizen Institute and KanbanBOX brought Mec-Track to amazing and sustainable results.

Anodica Trevigiana

From the automation of the kanban system to the creation of a digital Supply Chain: Anodica's design and Italian products redesigned from a Lean perspective.


From Aeronautics to The Medical Industry, to Design. The leading company in composites perfects a manufacturing structure already based on lean manufacturing.


The scheduling of the production plan with Heijunka and the creation of an ad hoc sequential Pull process: the particularly sophisticated case of Saeco.


A Finnish group specialised in the production of electrical systems, after the manual kanban, has chosen the electronic kanban to extend the pull along the entire Supply Chain.

BLM Group

The automation of orders to suppliers: the entire Supply Chain is controlled in real time with a reduction in reminders and full visibility into consumption.


A leading company in the production of bathroom furniture, it switches to electronic kanban by introducing KanbanBOX, with excellent results in the management of variable stocks.


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