KanbanBOX for production leveling

Heijunka and Sequencer: two different tools to solve
the problem of inconstant production

Eliminate waste. Control productivity

by following practical goals

Production leveling is a crucial objective for lean companies that aim to achieve stable production, capable of containing variances in production, such as the continuous succession of peaks and stops in production. A cause of deficiencies and inefficiencies, such as downtime, ups, and downs in delivery, supply, and wasted resources (raw materials, time, finished products that remain unsold, etc.).


KanbanBOX is the tool that allows you to produce based on real needs, solving the problem of inconsistent production trends and avoiding overproduction.

Do you have an inconstant production problem?

KanbanBOX is the electronic kanban software that helps manufacturing companies to:

  • improve productivity
  • eliminate the fluctuations of inconstant production
  • obtain visibility on the entire production process.

Through two tools that address the problem of production leveling with two fundamentally distinct approaches, to better adapt to the different needs of multiple production situations: the Heijunka and the Sequencer.


Which one should you choose? Here’s what you need to know to understand if and how to apply the Heijunka or the Sequencer to your internal production process.

Heijunka production control: stabilises the rhythm of production

Heijunka is the production leveling tool that balances the workload inside production cells, making the production rate and the resources used stable. By stabilizing the consumption of components and minimizing supply variability. The following are the main benefits of a Heijunka system:

  1. Leveling of production volume
  2. Leveling of the production mix
  3. Elimination of consumption peaks
  4. Elimination of production accumulations
  5. Uniform distribution of labour, materials, and movements.
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The production control Sequencer: distribute the workload

The Sequencer is the production leveling tool that distributes the workload between production machines, sequencing the correct order of production. Allowing the department head to distribute the workload between the machines and gain visibility over the entire production. Solving the problems of non-constant production in the presence of:

  1. process variability
  2. resources not always available.

Conditions that don’t make it possible to use a rigorous system such as Heijunka.

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