We are lean by nature

We are a group of management engineers and lean consultants specialised in Lean Organisation and Lean Transformation. Ours is a team of over 20 people, all of different ages, experience and skills. And each is qualified in their specific field: in addition to consultancy, from software development to marketing, from human resources to sales.


We are above all a group of people who enjoy being together and moved by the enthusiasm for an idea: that of working on a project that restores value to people’s time and work. Read our manifesto!

We are partners, not suppliers of software

KanbanBOX is a long-term investment, capable of evolving and adapting together with the needs of your business. We are constantly evolving: we are flexible and we are partners, by your side to help you achieve your business goals.


We were the first in Europe to digitise one of the fundamental methods of Lean: the kanban. With KanbanBOX we simplify your life, streamlining the processes of your company, eliminating waste and inefficiencies, thanks to the automation of the procurement of components, semi-finished products or raw materials.


With KanbanBOX you reach the goal of reducing costs and stocks, as well as increasing productivity. The secret lies in efficient communication between sales, production and distribution data. In addition to a series of additional modules to manage the material replenishment process, customer-supplier negotiations and production planning. And so on.

We are global and always present

From the electronic kanban to a single platform for supply chain management. KanbanBOX is the cloud-based solution that manages the supply chain in a lean way. But it is not a game. The technology and algorithms that power it are implemented daily, thanks to the continuous intervention of a research and development team able to offer a support service in real time.


Thanks to the work of our developers, we have shortened the gap and proposed modules in which consolidated expertise in Lean supply chain management can find the tools with which to be realised. An experience that translates into the ability to satisfy every request.

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The best materials management system with ekanban for large, as well as small and medium sized companies

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