The KanbanBOX cloud infrastructure

Why did we choose a Cloud?

We are enthusiastic users of Cloud technology. Because the Cloud computing infrastructure we use ensures:

  • the secure distribution of services
  • secure data storage, also in terms of privacy
  • secure communications and management
  • very high availability, security and versioning.

A new way of working

that facilitates mobility and smart working

KanbanBOX infrastructure is hosted within the Amazon Web Services AWS cloud, within the AWS Central Europe Region (Frankfurt – Germany), which ensures very high levels of service availability and security!


The infrastructure is in fact focused on two different Availability Zones, logically and geographically isolated from each other, to ensure high levels of availability, since if one of the two Zones has connectivity problems, all traffic is automatically diverted to the other Zone.


Our objectives were clear when we designed the KanbanBOX infrastructure:

  • Service availability greater than 99.95%
  • Ability to scale the infrastructure continuously depending on the load
  • Response times of the web interface to the user with latency of less than 100ms.

Two work environments

that are separate and secure

To ensure maximum security in the management of your kanban policies, we have created two different work environments.

  • The Test Environment is the place where you can safely test all the new items and functionalities of KanbanBOX, without changing the data of the official production environment.  No email notifications or Webhook calls are sent from here,. Any user can safely test any functionality! The green background of the web interface of this environment makes it clear that you are not working on the production environment. Each night, the test environment is automatically updated, deleting and recreating a copy of the production environment.
  • The Production Environment is instead the main and official environment of KanbanBOX, where all the daily work activities must take place.


Service Availability

The real-time and historical availability of KanbanBOX is monitored by the external Pingdom service.

Check for yourself the availability data, published at the following address

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