Technical IT requirements

We are a service. Not just a software

KanbanBOX is a Software as a Service (SaaS), i.e. a Software distributed as a service. This means that the development, management and maintenance of KanbanBOX and its infrastructure are the responsibility of our development team.


You don’t have to have a server and you don’t have to install anything locally, our service is at your disposal via a simple Internet connection!

All the benefits of a Software as a Service

Choosing a Software as a Service means delegating to us the supply, maintenance and updating of the program, giving yourself the possibility to work in a smart way, by accessing the application with any Internet-enabled device.


The following are the benefits:

  • for the purchase of KanbanBOX you do not have to face a high cost
  • implementation is quick and immediate delivery: to be operational, you just need to “log onto the network”
  • maintenance is our responsibility, significantly reducing the workload of your collaborators and your IT team who no longer have to worry about software installations, licenses, updates and maintenance. Being able to finally focus on activities that are equally important for your company!
  • you can access KanbanBOX wherever you are and from different devices. The software is not tied to a single workstation, allowing you to use the applications even on the move
  • the functionalities and updates are our responsibility, so you can rest assured that you are always using the latest version of the service.


A single App, many interfaces

A web interface for

a browser desktop on a tablet

Via the web browser interface, you can access all the KanbanBOX fuctionalities. A web browser is sufficient, preferably the latest generation such as Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox.

Remember to update your browser for the best user experience!

Interface for

smartphones and tablets

Access KanbanBOX from a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) by installing the native application, available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The following are the currently available functionalities:

  • kanban status changes, by reading the barcode with the camera
  • kanban query to know all the information related to it
  • display of kanban boards and details of individual kanban cards.

What hardware?

To use KanbanBOX you just need an internet connection, a device capable of surfing the web and a normal printer. Do you want to make your work smarter? Then choose from the products we have selected for you. Visit the hardware page!

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