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KanbanBOX is more than just a software: it is a company and extra-company collaboration tool that aims to spread value along the lean supply chain. KanbanBOX is a challenge, improvement, revolution of the lean method, a reflection of the innovative spirit of our company.


KanbanBOX is a registered trademark: the use of logos and trademarks subject to legal rights is subject to the express authorisation of the owner of the software. An informed and consistent use of our brand helps us to strengthen our mission of making the manufacturing industry a more virtuous and connected place!

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  • The brand: Logo, Costruction, Safe Area
    KanbanBOX is a registered rtademark. can be reduced while maintaining its intactness. It is forbidden to modify, separate or remove any elements.
  • The colours
    KanbanBOX uses red and grey. The KanbanBOX logo is also available in white, for use on a black background, and in formats for use on a coloured or transparent background. For the specific logo for these applications or for other logo formats, write to
  • Typefaces
    Do not change or abbreviate the KanbanBOX name. The K and the word BOX are always in capital letters. Keep KanbanBOX as one word!
  • The link
    Connects the KanbanBOX logo exclusively to the link
  • The screenshots
    Use the attached official screenshots without modifying, editing, rotating, distorting or recolouring them.



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