KanbanBOX life

We focus on well-being, involvement and the fundamental values of life

We want people to feel they are an integral part of the company

The pandemic has changed us all. By changing our priorities and our value scale. By placing the work-life balance at the top. And forcing us to deeply think about our priorities, career and professional goals.


For us it has represented above all an accelerator towards sustainability and an increasingly practical commitment from a social point of view. Involvement is part of our DNA: we want people to feel an integral part of the company, creating an inclusive and pleasant work environment. And offering opportunities for professional growth.



We are an organisation

that is flexible, young and dynamic

In the present day everyone is talking about inclusive leadership. We have always called it “creating a group”. We have created a work team with a high level of sharing. Of different ages, backgrounds, cultures and genders. Because for us diversity means more opportunities. For everyone!

We have created a pleasant

work environment

We spend most of our day at work. This is why a relaxed and pleasant environment is as important to us as flexibility, the possibility of accessing smart working and economic stability.

We aim to create comfort, starting with the physical spaces of the work environment

We believe in the involvement of individuals

That we achieve through the transparency of corporate communication and the application of an inclusive leadership model, aimed at enhancing the skills and uniqueness of individuals. Because anyone can make a difference.

We aim to enhace


Our organisational model focuses on flexibility and inclusion. And above all an innovative leadership concept, aimed at managing critical issues and opportunities.


We do this by trying to develop inclusive networks: both within the team, to alleviate difficulties and support the bonds between colleagues, and in relations with the outside world, for example with our customers.

We promote smart working

From the first day of the emergency, we immediately allowed our people the opportunity to work remotely and, in this new scenario, we launched a series of initiatives to promote their well-being and the development of new skills. Because we are Lean by nature and our mantra is continuous improvement!

For us, improvement is a continuous process and failures and errors are also part of this!

We try to achieve a good

work and life balance

We are aiming to achieve a working model aimed at triggering a virtuous process of collaboration, capable of creating a respectful and serene environment, where people feel at ease and can express ideas, talent and points of view. And ensuring a harmonious lifestyle between what you do at work and what you do in your free time!

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