Make to Order

Plan, increase efficiency, deliver on time and reduce production costs. Optimise your production with a unique tool!

In a Make to order (MTO) production model, production is pulled from the customer’s order (Pull System). A strategy opposite to Make to Stock (MTS) is where production is instead based on forecasts of future demand based on past data. A system with a high probability of forecast error and capable of generating too many stocks, subject to waste and obsolescence – and too low liquidity.

Achieve maximum production efficiency

KanbanBOX is the right solution for:

  • quickly reaching the highest production efficiency
  • better meeting the demand and needs of your customers
  • planning resources and materials to optimise production performance
  • increasing your competitiveness on the market.

Build an advanced production process

With KanbanBOX you can:

  • manage the entire production process from a Lean Manufacturing perspective
  • obtain complete visibility on departments, resources and materials thanks to real-time data updates and integration with the ERP and all other company information systems
  • create production plans according to a Pull model, optimising activities for individual resources or cells
  • create a digital and collaborative supply chain.

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