Set up and maintain collaborations with suppliers

Simplify, speed up and automate the management of negotiations with suppliers with KanbanBOX

Large and complex supplier networks make it increasingly difficult to respond quickly to market events. KanbanBOX helps you reduce the time and costs associated with managing your suppliers and validating the procurement process. Negotiations in real-time, that are secure, authorised and with shared information can help you communicate with your suppliers faster, avoiding disputes.


The supplier collaboration module simplifies digital collaboration to resolve interruptions, increase efficiency and supplier satisfaction! Try out the leanest B2B network. Try KanbanBOX.

Create a secure procurement process that is

 flexible and collaborative

With KanbanBOX you can automate the management of contracts and orders closed to suppliers by creating a standardised procurement process, capable of bypassing waste and low added value activities thanks to a series of automatic procedures that streamline the supply cycle.

From a single electronic whiteboard, you can conduct an accurate negotiation process to conclude and release any type of order: Kanban Orders, Closed Orders for Purchase (PO) and Production Orders (WO)


Choose the only complete and reliable Supply Chain

collaboration suite

The possibilities for taking action provided by KanbanBOX allow you to:

  • respond to the proposals of partners
  • modify the last proposal sent
  • cancel the last proposals sent and return to the partners’ last proposals
  • approve the partner proposals.

Create documents automatically

With the KanbanBOX trading module you can:

  • automatically generate and ship delivery notes and transport documents (DDT) inbound and outbound and containing all the information relating to orders being delivered
  • precede the arrival of the goods and facilitate the phases of receipt and control of materials, also thanks to the reading of the univocal bar code on the material
  • attach technical drawings, quality and production standards to orders.

Everything is close at hand, physical flows and information flows are completely synchronized and always traceable.

See all the orders on a single whiteboard

Within a single electronic board that can be easily filtered and customised, you can clearly and immediately view the type of order, its status and the alerts that require attention or action on your part:

  • each order is identified by a univocal card
  • a popup of the card contains the negotiations interface
  • coloured and recognisable flags indicate the type of action required.

The negotiating process becomes fast, responsive, simple, engaging and clear!

Contract, order, measure performance

Monitor the entire life cycle of orders in real time. Through a definition of the actions and information requested from the supplier, such as confirmation on quantity, unit, price and delivery, each order is regulated by a specific workflow, always aligned with the management system.

A simple and efficient process, which facilitates the work of the procurement department by increasing its performance!

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