E-kanban in the Gearmotors and Electric Motors Industry

The Rossi SpA Story

Rossi SpA is an Italian company specializing in gearmotors and electric motors for the food & beverage sector, with more than 70 years in the industry and 16 plants all over the world. At the beginning of our story, Rossi is already managing some part numbers with a manual kanban and their ERP’s sequencer, in a customized version.
However, this system is not flexible at all.
It lacks an overall view, and Rossi can’t collect statistics. Moreover, they need to call external specialized consultants for every change to the settings, or the import of new part numbers.

KanbanBOX Simplifies the Material Flow Management

Therefore, Rossi decides the time has come to streamline their material flow management. To do this, they choose to replace the old method with an e-kanban system, integrated with their management system.


The lean activity will involve the material replenishment
• from the warehouse to the production lines;
• from external suppliers to the warehouse;
• between different production plants (from machining to assembly).


Rossi chooses KanbanBOX for its ease of use, and simple implementation. This allows the customer to autonomously handle imports, exports, and bulk changes. Indeed, Rossi successfully implemented the e-kanban software without the needing to stop or slow down production.
As the first step, the electronic kanban replaced the manual kanban used for controlling material flows in move and production. Then, they gradually integrated KanbanBOX with the Oracle ERP and sequencer. Thanks to a joint action plan, KanbanBOX and Rossi worked side-by-side to make the two systems speak communicate.
Finally, Rossi extended ekthe kanban to its external suppliers.
Now, the company has a general and real-time overview of the stock and production activities. They leverage KPIs and statistics provided by KanbanBOX for data analysis.

Results Rossi Achieved Thanks to KanbanBOX

Bringing KanbanBOX into the company enabled Rossi to easily manage the materials flows in purchase and internal move. For instance, this includes activities such as placing or receiving orders, stocking, and material picking. The stock in the warehouse has decreased, resulting in savings in terms of occupied space and locked-up assets. Now, Rossi keeps only the stock needed to cover the Lead Time in the warehouse.


It is now easier for the company to undertake corporate changes autonomously. These changes need to be reflected in KanbanBOX, such as new supermarket creation, or assembly department relocation. The next step will be using KanbanBOX for production and purchase kanban in a new plant, which is currently only using the move kanban.