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Subscription is sized according to the type of platform activated, available in 4 combinations (for  Plants or for Supply Chains – respectively Professional or Enterprise) and consumption level, organised for simplicity in predefined packages (up to 50 links, 100, 250 …  over 1,000).

The “for the Plant” platform allows the management of all material flows within the same plant. The Supply Chain platform is designed for the management of all company material flows, both internal and external, i.e. from suppliers and to customers.

Subscription to “KanbanBOX for the Professional plant” starts from a cost of 190 Euros per month to manage up to 50 kanban links and 200 closed orders per month. The price increases as the number of active kanban links and units of handling for materials managed without a kanban, but with an economy of scale: <b> the more links you have, the lower the cost of each link </b>, making the subscription more and more convenient. Spend less than € 0.25 per item! Contact us to find out more!

By kanban link, or kanban circuit or kanban loop, we mean the management through kanban cards of the replenishment flow of 1 single item code coming from 1 specific supplier and addressed to 1 specific customer or point of consumption. When sizing the kanban link, the necessary number of cards to be affixed, one for each container of the article code, is specified. In the KanbanBOX board, each row represents a single kanban link, with all its cards.

In some contexts, kanban management can provide for multiple links for the same item: for example, it is possible to have 1 purchase kanban link of the item code XYZ to manage the pull flow from the external supplier to the component warehouse and 1 handling kanban link to regulate the transfer of the same XYZ item from the warehouse to the assembly line.

No, each subscription includes an unlimited number of users, to allow you to involve the entire company team in managing the kanban system. However, it is the Company that decides the different authorisation levels!

No, the activation of KanbanBOX licenses for all suppliers and external customers with whom the Company decides to manage Kanban materials is completely free.

Yes, KanbanBOX does not replace the company management system, but can integrate with it according to different degrees of depth at the Company’s discretion: you will thus be able to avoid double entries and streamline company procedures.

From an implementation point of view, activating communication between KanbanBOX and the ERP is practically instantaneous, since we use flexible interfaces that can adapt to any ERP. A dedicated connector is also available for easy integration with SAP systems and Oracle Cloud.

None! KanbanBOX is a service (SaaS, Software-as-a-Service): no programs to install, no servers to manage, no hardware or software maintenance. To access KanbanBOX all you need is an internet connection and a device capable of surfing the web (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

None! It is possible to start sizing company kanbans by having an internet connection and a device capable of surfing the web. Furthermore, you can print the labels with a normal printer.

If, instead, you are interested in purchasing devices capable of making the sizing of your kanbans smarter, you can choose from the many products that we have selected and make available to companies.

From the moment of activation, each customer is supported by a personal consultant to support the management of the software. In addition, there is further assistance via a ticket system with a response within 8 working hours.

Yes! We can offer you a complete, convenient, worry-free package with dedicated assistance! In order to make the Company operational to use KanbanBOX in the fastest way (less than 1 month) and the least commitment of internal resources, we provide a Starter Package with support and discounted rates.

No! If you are a supplier and receive orders from your customers via KanbanBOX, registration is free for you. If, on the other hand, you decide to subscribe to KanbanBOX so as to offer your customers an additional, valuable and high-tech service that makes you competitive on the market, giving you the opportunity to evaluate the performance of your supplies, your customers will be the ones to benefit from the free license.

Finally, if you decide to start using the software also for the management of your own suppliers, you can become part of a selected network capable of growing your business!

Of course! KanbanBOX manages not only kanban orders, but any production, sale or purchase order. You can import any order into Excel files. Furthermore, by integrating the software with your ERP, it is possible to optimise your work without having to duplicate data and business logic. All changes made in the ERP are immediately visible on the KanbanBOX dashboard. Likewise, all updates made via KanbanBOX are immediately recorded in the management system.

KanbanBOX is a reliable and secure cloud software. To ensure the security of your data and accessibility to the system, we use the most advanced protection systems, making you operational always, without interruptions. The KanbanBOX operating time is in fact very high, ensuring you an uptime of 99.99%. Just think that in the last two years two minutes of inactivity (downtime) have never been exceeded! You can check the reliability of the service yourself in real time by connecting to the link http://status.kanbanbox.com

The KanbanBOX app is multilingual (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Chinese) and in constant development, to always provide you with a reliable and updated service. If you need to use KanbanBOX in a different language, contact our support service: the app can be customised!

Thanks to the different degrees of use and the variety of its proposals, KanbanBOX is a software suitable for companies of any size: multinationals with several plants located in different parts of the world, or small and medium-sized companies that want to present themselves on the market with a high technological value that helps them remain competitive thanks to an optimal management of stocks and supplies.

Yes! KanbanBOX allows different degrees of customisation. Furthermore, many of the customisation requests are provided free of charge when consistent and in line with the platform’s development plan.

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