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  • 25 Mar

Anodica Logo

Anodica: where components are as a sign of design

From the kanban electronic managing to the creation of the collaborative and Digital Supply Chain. Anodica, which produces aesthetic components mainly targeted to appliance industry famous brands, chooses the Lean and Industry 4.0 way

Between the Treviso lowland and the Belluno mountains, Anodica designs, produces and globally distributes handles, knobs and aluminium extrusions for the appliance and automotive industry, gear shafts and aluminium car components, refrigerator and oven handles, cooker knobs.

The winning formula discovered by Anodica consists of a mix of functionality and aesthetics, technology and design, efficiency and beauty typical of our made in Italy.

The company based in Codogné, which produces according to the Lean philosophy, has chosen KanbanBOX in order to enhance easy and lean maintenance of the recently introduced Kanban manual system, a solution without which the entire process would have risked stopping due to the typical difficulties of a manual managing.

Thanks to KanbanBOX, the next steps for the company will be all towards Industry 4.0, through:

  • Heijunka boards digitalization for the working cells planning
  • the integration extension between the software and the company ERP
  • the increase of the customer and supplier number involved in the network.

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