Start using KanbanBOX quickly and profitably!

Would you like to use KanbanBOX in your company, but you fear the initial investement or you don't know how to manage the integration?

Are you unsure the electronic Kanban (e-kanban) well suits your company, but you'd like to give it a try with no money, time and resources waste?

Is what you need starting rapidly, economically and efficiently?

Do you need an expert for supporting you through the implementation?

In order to operative your company to the use of KanbanBOX in the fastest way and with the least use of internal resources, we propose an effortless, convenient and complete suite with dedicated assistance!

Starter Package gemba Survey

What do we offer you?

Electronic Kanban System

Expert support

Four process analysis days, an expert to support you through the implementation and two support conference calls

Electronic Kanban what is

All inclusive subscription plan

KanbanBOX three months all inclusive subscription plan with
"Supply Chain Enterprise" functionalities

Electronic Kanban meaning

Hardware support

Setting of two of your palmtop for using the mobile interface and unlimited use of the KanbanBOX App

The Starting steps of KanbanBOX

Ekanban gemba survey 5s

Workshop 1: immediately operative!

After a preparatory phase during the previous weeks in order to decide which kanban to work on (purchase, production, handling, sales) and checking the technical requirements (wifi, Internet access points...) the first 2 training day with a KanbanBOX consultant happens The goal is to get at least one kanban circuit operative

The training phases include a survey of the gemba, a training on the kanban system, the value flow mapping drawing, the Value Stream Mapping (VSM), first and important Lean Management tool, and the definition of the e-kanban process with the dimensioning of the first linking.

Value stream mapping ekanban method

Workshop 2: customization.

The third training day on KanbanBOX goes over the process, checking the progress status of it It is time to correct the definitive process and to define the extra ones (sales or production). During this phase it is possible to customize and to integrate any possible changing according to gained experience, possibly extending it to the management of specific cases.

What follows is the advanced training on the use of KanbanBOX software (suppliers connecting process, dimensioning maintenance, records import, etc.), at the end of which the resources will be autonomous in the use of e-kanban, and the analysis of the opportunities of KanbanBOX integration with any other piece of software already in use in the company.

Value stream mapping ekanban method supermarket kanban

Support conference call: no problem!

After each workshop, after a few weeks, your KanbanBOX consultant is at your disposal to carry out two conference calls aimed to check the implementation status of the software. The calls, that can be extended to all the team members involved in the process, represent two useful moments to discuss any possible difficulties raised during the system autonomous management or of the special cases raised after the meetings.

During the calls, that can be planned and managed comfortably from your offices, it will be possible to answer to all your questions concerning the daily use and the autonomous management of KanbanBOX, defining together also the necessary improvements to carry out on the e-kanban system.

Configure hardware ekanban support

Hardware configuration: work smart!

To start using KanbanBOX it is not necessary to buy any hardware device: an Internet connection and a device able to surf the web, such as a PC, a tablet or a smartphone are enough. For scanning the barcode on the Kanban labels any mobile device is, instead, sufficient.

During the workshops, the KanbanBOX consultant will support you across the setting up of your devices.