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KanbanBOX makes it easier to connect to the warehouse, suppliers and customers in each phase of the material supply. Do you want to better understand how our e-kanban system works? Book a demonstration: from your office you will be able to attend a via web seminar with one of our consultants.

Get your team involved and discover why KanbanBOX is the most reliable platform for the electronic kanban management!

Discover why with KanbanBOX you can get better results from your supply management pull system!

KanbanBOX online webinar and demo

Attending a webinar on KanbanBOX is the best way to know our service and understand which benefits you can get by using the electronic kanban. The webinar is a quick, comfortable mean you can use from your office or from your position, costless and with no purchase obligation.

Along the via web session, one of our consultants will introduce you KanbanBOX, showing you how it works and illustrating you the advantages of its use in the kanban management within your supply chain. It will be a useful time for you to ask questions and to share ideas or doubts on the kanban technique of the supply reintegration Just in time system and on the electronic kanban.

The workshop lasts 45 minutes: 30 minutes for the presentation of the KanbanBOX software and of its functionalities + a 15 minutes question and answers session. Fill the form below to book an online demo! We will contact you to confirm date and time of the appointment.

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