The Integration to the company's management system

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Integration System

How works Integration to the company system

ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning, i.e. any company management system. As you know, it is possible to integrate your management system with KanbanBOX and all company processes. But, does it always make sense to do so? As we always say, KanbanBOX doesn’t replace your management system but can integrate with it.

Integration is not a necessary condition to use KanbanBOX: our goal is to give visibility and control over the physical flow of materials. And the KanbanBOX app has all the tools to work better and more efficiently: from the massive import/export of information via Excel, to reports and statistics.

KanbanBOX installation is so quick and easy that it takes just a few days to start and see the benefits. It is our philosophy and our mission! Sure, we can go the extra step and work with the ERP to manage your kanban-based Supermarket. Layers and interfaces for instant and easy integration with the leading company ERPs are already available, but we can integrate with any system.

Integration Benefits

Integration has the advantage of managing all information flows in a coherent and timely manner, sharing information between the various systems in real-time. For which the data and the accounting situation of the warehouse are always and everywhere updated and aligned.

  • Synchronization and automatic exchange of consistent information between different systems
  • Elimination of manual tasks and double debits. All those non-value activities that slow down the daily management of the workflow
  • Elimination of the danger of errors. When all systems work together and in harmony, productivity and data consistency increase and the danger of human error is eliminated
  • Cost reduction. With systems integration, businesses of all sizes can increase the speed of information flow while reducing operational costs

Some examples

  • When you release a card in KanbanBOX, an order is automatically created in the management system (a purchase order, a sales order, a work order or a production order…)
  • When you receive a kanban card, the order is also processed in your management system.
  • You don’t have to enter the articles by hand because the master data of the articles in your ERP is synchronized with those in KanbanBOX.
  • You can get advanced reporting, for example on PowerBI, Qlik or other Business Intelligence software. So as to enrich the KanbanBOX statistics with other more in-depth and dynamic ones.

Is it always worth integrating?

There are cases where integration isn’t necessary. For example, if you only use handling kanbans to transfer material from one warehouse to another and you don’t need to register these transfers in the ERP.

If you want to learn more about your use case or you need advice, write to us!

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