Meet us at Fastener Fair Global

21 - 23 March 2023, Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Pavilion 7, stand 4143

From 21 to 23 March, we will be in Stuttgart at Fastener Fair Global 2023, the International Exhibition for the Fastener and Fixing Industry, presenting our solution for a capillary and customized kanban supply service. Set up and maintain a capillary and customized kanban recovery service with KanbanBOX!


KanbanBOX simplifies the management of fasteners and screws in production supermarkets or on the assembly line. Recovery processes become streamlined. Both for the Company and for the Supplier.

Fasteners and screws are essential for a continuous and efficient production process. A just-in-time procurement system with the KanbanBOX electronic kanban makes recovery efficient and streamlined, both for the company and for the supplier.

The benefits of a supermarket managed with electronic kanban:

  • Eliminate the possibility of out-of-stock and production delays
  • Reduce inventories, inventory and warehouse value
  • The space dedicated to the fasteners warehouse decreases
  • Establish a relationship of trust between the customer and the supplier
  • Reduce reminders and non-value activities.

Are you a manufacturing company?

With KanbanBOX you can optimize the procurement process along the supply chain and between different production plants. Reducing stocks and costs. Why KanbanBOX?

  1. Automated, real-time ordering and trading on one platform
  2. Visual whiteboard and shared with the supplier
  3. Material already identified and positioned in the Supermarket
  4. Transparency and immediacy of information
  5. Complete visibility into the material flow, inventory status and supply chain.

Are you an industrial supplier?

Stand out in the supply of class C items by organising the warehouse and supermarket of your customers in a capable, advantageous and competitive way. Why KanbanBOX?

  1. sell with a capillary and customised kanban sales service
  2. simplify the supply process and
  3. reduce warehouse management costs
  4. meet the needs of your customers
  5. increase the value of your service.


21 – 23 March 2023

Messe Stuttgart, Germany

Stand 4143

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