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Synchro loops, orders not managed by kanban

synchro cards

First, it’s good to remember that one of the goals of KanbanBOX is to help industrial companies of all sizes to involve customers and suppliers to speed up and optimize the procurement of products in any type of situation or need.

In KanbanBOX we can also manage « special » orders, or those cards called « Synchro cards » that have a different function than a standard one and they are different also from an aesthetic point of view because of the colored top right corner.

But what are synchro cards?

Synchro cards (extra-kanban) are used for the recall of non-kanban material: the consumption of a bin associated with a Synchro card, in fact, does not automatically call a new order to the supplier, but it is exhausted in a single cycle of supplying.

Once empty that bin (associated with the closed order) the Synchro card disappears from the board without making any new order.

The card can be reactivated in case of need.

Now you can assign a loop the type of « synchro » management. This solution allows to manage in KanbanBOX material characterized by high levels of synchronization or by non-stop orders.

When are they used?

  • to compensate for consumption peaks or abnormal material situations (Extra Kanban)
  • to handle synchronized material recalls typically not in Kanban
  • to manage orders to order

And with the ERP?

Closed orders can be uploaded from the ERP into KanbanBOX, and then they are displayed on the board:

  • ERP uploads closed orders and KanbanBOX sends the recovery signal to the supplier;
  • The supplier, similarly to a normal order, prints the card and hangs it to the filled bin; after that proceeds to send it to the customer;
  • Once the order is received and declared issued, that order will not generate a new one to the supplier and it will disappear;
synchro card circle

If you want to learn more about how to create a synchro loop visit our help center!!

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