The negotiation of not kanban orders

A key solution to support your procurement department, to streamline negotiations between customers and suppliers

KanbanBOX is a collaboration tool needed to manage the supply chain in an advanced way by speeding up the exchange of information between customers and suppliers and the consequent improvement of collaboration. All you need to develop an innovative Supply Chain Collaboration system!


A simple and efficient process, which facilitates the procurement process and the work of the procurement department

A new way of finalising orders with external suppliers:

  • streamlining procurement processes
  • reducing negotiation timescales
  • obtaining visibility and traceability of the negotiation process.


Both customers and suppliers can create a contract proposal by opening the negotiation process directly from the electronic board of KanbanBOX, by selecting the Negotation tab on the Synchro tags, defining the actions and information necessary for the finalisation of the purchase negotiation: price, quantity and actual delivery date, number of deliveries with which to fulfill the order.

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View immediately, thanks to a flag, the tags on the whiteboard that need attention or action – waiting for an answer, new proposal – while you can check the summary of all the proposals from the All the negotiations section.


The development of an innovative Supply Chain Collaboration system is essential to remain competitive on the market. Production companies capable of collaborating efficiently through quick and clear sharing of information have obvious benefits in terms of productivity, level of service to end customers, cost and inventory reduction.


No more orders placed via e-mail or over the phone, no more information processes that are disconnected from the physical flow, no more information that is not shared and not easily traceable!

How does on-line

collaboration work in KanbanBOX

The following are the possible phases of the negotiation process:

  • Sending of a new proposal
  • Amendment or cancellation of a proposal that has been sent
  • Approval of received proposals
  • Sending of a counter-proposal

Why is collaboration easy

The procurement process has assumed an extremely important role in manufacturing companies, giving a need to implement procurement strategies that make the procurement management iterative process lean and collaborative and to measure performance according to the timescales of the different procurement activities. In a broader vision of partnership and collaboration along the value chain, thinking of Procurement as a purely operational function, unable to go beyond mere order management, means wasting a precious opportunity!

Procurement processes are complex, a fundamental aspect of the corporate vision, which goes beyond just obtaining the lowest cost and imposes an end-to-end management of the activities and the establishment of a relationship of collaboration and trust between internal departments and with business partners KanbanBOX introduces real collaboration, in and outside of the company, giving internal visibility on flows and procedures and enabling an effective partnership relationship with suppliers. The benefits for the company are quality products and services and suppliers who are happy to work correctly and collaboratively.


The negotiation module is a very useful tool to easily manage the process that leads to the finalisation of  commercial agreements, regulating the discussion on prices, dates and deliveries in a clear and visual manner. Online management, directly on order cards, allows the procurement department to make rapid changes to projects without losing visibility, reducing negotiation times – that are too often regulated through redundant channels disconnected from the physical flow such as e-mails and phone calls – eliminating useless actions and the risk of losing information, which is always available on the whiteboard.

With KanbanBOX each IT process is physical and synchronized, clear, visual, and always traceable and available to everyone!

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