We help people and companies managing their kanban replenishment systems
More than 300 companies manage their kanbans with KanbanBOX!
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How can we support you with kanban?
  • My Company is implementing the kanban system
    If you are beginning with the kanban systema, in KanbanBOX you will find all the tools you need for managing data, calculating kanban loop size, printing kanban cards with custom template and share kanban informations with all of the stakeolders... With KanbanBOX you can focus on value added activities like training people and integrating the kanban system with business processes!
  • My Company wants to extend its kanban system
    Kanban has many benefits, but electronic kanban much more! Electronic kanban makes a kanban system more accurate and efficient: KanbanBOX enables real-time communication between suppliers and customers and makes kanban maintenance easier for a constantly aligning inventory with demand.
  • I'm a Supplier, I offer a kanban service to my customers
    Kanban is a high value added service a supplier can use to stand out from competitors and improve customer retention. KanbanBOX gives you the tools you need to offer kanban service quickly and low cost!
  • I'm a Lean Manufacturing Consultant
    We know what means helping a company implementing the kanban system... If you are a lean consultant, we can work together for your customer satisfaction!