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KanbanBOX is a web software to create a collaborative supply-chain open to your suppliers and customers. It is about a vertical and cloud-based solution provided in a monthly subscription plan, that includes unlimited users, maintenance, updates and assistance. The service is issued in a pay-per-use way and does not entail any initial investment: the subscription plan size depends on the item and the managed kanban relationship number.
Attention: the more your kanban linking number grows, the more convenient the subscription plan becomes. You can get to spend less than 0,15 cent/€ per item!

Ideal for the management of few items within the factory
  • Manual Kanban plans
    Manual Kanban

    Independent of the kanban number

  • Kanban linkings dimensioning
    with support in the correct kanban number calculation
  • Kanban label printing
    with a click, by choosing from different pre-made label templates
  • Customizable printing layout and format
    to insert all the necessary information into the productive process
  • Excel file import
    for kanban creation and updating
  • Unlimited user number
    to get all the team involved
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Perfect for the electronic management of production and purchase orders
  • Electronic Kanban plan
    Electronic Kanban

    from €75month
    Proportional to the kanban number

  • All the functionalities of

  • Electronic Kanban
    to trace every label rotation
  • Kanban dimensioning maintenance
    upon advisories or budgets
  • Real time connection
    with Customers and Suppliers
  • Rotation statistics
    of kanbans and of the supply lead time
  • Android and iOS smartphone app
    to manage the kanban system from any device
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Excellent for who wants an integrated and compete tool
  • Electronic Kanban plus plans
    Premium Electronic Kanban

    from €175month
    Proportional to the kanban number

  • All the functionalities of

  • ERP software integration
    through a simple to use API
  • Closed order extension
    in order to manage with the same interface also non-kanban materials
  • DDT loading by barcode
    and of all kanban associated accounting documents and of all closed orders
  • Item technical drawing management
    in order to make the information available when and where it is needed
  • Heijunka levelling off
    by automatic algorithms, time board and "andon"
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