KanbanBOX for production planning

The Sequencer: resolve manufacturing complexity and finite capacity

The Sequencer is a Lean Manufacturing tool for planning the best sequences of operations on production machines.


The Sequencer module for  operational production planning of KanbanBOX allows you to schedule production at finite capacity by solving the complexity of the daily operational planning activity which is the responsibility the department head or the production manager.

What you can do with the Sequencer

Starting from the plan proposed by the planner, the Sequencer allows the determination of the best operational sequences on various machines, developing effectively organized machine plans, and communicating work plans and changes to the departments.

The Sequencer allows you to:

  • assign kanban cards to a department’s resources
  • optimize the sequence of a single resource
  • provide operators with an interface to visualize cards assigned to resources.

Practical help to align work plans to make your production efficient.

How the Sequencer works

From an organizational point of view, the Sequencer allows you to create a list of the production tasks in an easy and fast manner:

  • defining the resources involved (machines of departments dedicated to the released kanban cards)
  • defining the grouping of resources (e.g. lathes department or milling department, etc.)
  • assigning a defined resource to each kanban connection.

The whiteboard of the KanbanBOX Sequencer

The interface of the KanbanBOX Sequencer module is:

  • available on any device such as a tablet, smartphone or pc
  • configurable quickly and easily by the user via a Drag and Drop mechanism.

Quickly and easily move the card in the sequence of the single resource or line or transfer it to another!

The Drag and Drop function of the KanbanBOX Sequencer’s whiteboard

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The Heijunka is one of the functionalities of KanbanBOX to improve and optimize production flows, producing products or work in progress at a constant tempo and regulating workloads on a production line or inside a single cell.

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