Printing kanban cards has never been more easier!

KanbanBOX let you customize and print your kanban cards, for use in a traditional manual kanban system or with advanced electronic kanban. You can design different templates for different uses (production kanban, purchase kanban...), choose paper size, select which informations to display and add your company logo, components pictures and colors for each department in order to help visual management.

With the MANUAL KANBAN version of KanbanBOX, you can make quick and easy the task of calculating and printing kanban cards, with a tool which is share with all of your team.

Stop using Excel to print kanban cards!
Stop spreading information on scarcely accessible files!

Kanban printing features

  • Completely customize your card layouts

  • Fit more cards on a single paper

  • Print cards on front and back

  • Add the part number image or drawing

  • Barcodes, datamatrix and QR codes

Kanban card examples

These are some examples of kanban cards designed with KanbanBOX:

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