Why choose
the ekanban?

Increase the performance of your production system, eliminate overproduction and increase flexibility

Save up to 80% of time dedicated to execution thanks to the use of the most appropriate tools to size new kanbans and print cards. In this way you can dedicate yourself to important strategic activities, such as the extension and continuous improvement of the kanban system.


It only takes 5 minutes to activate KanbanBOX, enter data and manage the first electronic kanbans! In 10 minutes you can already be connected to the first supplier or customer to exchange information in real time.

Enable the real maintenance of the kanban system

The maintenance of the e-kanban system is a fundamental process. With the electronic KanbanBOX kanban you streamline all the repetitive activities related to the maintenance process of the kanban system and the updating of sizing over time as consumption changes. Keeping the sizing of your kanbans updated in a timely manner as consumption changes!

Manage your kanban system and the

entire Supply Chain in real time

Electronically track the filling and emptying of your kanbans and gain visibility along the entire Lean Supply Chain.

This will allow you to:

  • quickly identify any errors
  • collect valuable information for the improvement of the whole system
  • record the consumption trend with respect to the sizing data
  • calculate the actual supply Lead Time
  • define the level of service received from suppliers.

Implement e-kanban easily

Decrease stocks and Lead Times, reset the number of reminders to suppliers, see the increase in delivery punctuality. KanbanBOX is the e-kanban software, which can be integrated with your management software, which allows you to reduce inventory and order management costs, eliminating the danger of stock-outs. You will notice the difference especially when:

  • production and progress are regulated just in time
  • there are a large number of internal departments divided into work cells
  • the number of seeds processed is high
  • your company buys many components from external suppliers.

Connect internal company and external areas

Increase flexibility and efficiency thanks to a digital transformation process in order and inventory management that allows you to enable the interconnection and coordination of those processes that compete with different figures in functional or geographical terms.


KanbanBOX is in fact a collaborative Supply Chain suite that connects the different company and non-company areas involved in the production processes. A notification alert is sent each time a user performs an action or an event occurs.


In this way, the responsibility for the users involved is shared, facilitating the complex organisational context of current factories, which have several departments, several displaced offices and many decision-makers who intervene on the same process.

Increase the value and stability of the production chain

KanbanBOX is a Collaborative Manufacturing software that enables widespread and facilitated access to information and allows you to manage the organisational complexity of processes via e-kanban.


Share information between internal departments and between customers, suppliers, subcontractors, distributors and partners, so as to work in a coordinated manner in relation to production planning and contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the entire supply chain.

How does
the ekanban work?

A kanban is an information passing system that ensures that each operating station produces only what is required by the most downstream station.

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Print the cards
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No more cards printed from Excel and information scattered in inaccessible files.

Experience the power of a unique tool!

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