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A kanban is an information transmission system that ensures that each operating station produces only what is required by the downstream station. The kanban, with its identification card, serves as a purchase, production, and transfer instruction, eliminating hard-copy orders: in this way, the warehouse is under control, production is pulled (Pull System) and in line with orders and shipments.


Compared to the traditional kanban, the electronic kanban (e-kanban) is managed by simply scanning a card’s barcode: all information travels in digital format, fast and reliable, maintaining total traceability and enabling visibility and control over the entire process, both in production and along the entire Supply Chain.

Kanbans are typically associated with a Supermarket warehouse. In an electronic kanban system, each physical container is associated with a physical kanban card with a unique ID code to which an electronic alter ego corresponds. When the content of a container is consumed, the operator removes the kanban card and declares it empty by reading the barcode. KanbanBOX receives the consumption signal and generates a new card to be replenished, visible both on the supplier’s and customer’s whiteboard. At this point the supplier activates its production process and prints a new card, applying it to the filled container before sending the material to the customer’s supermarket.


The e-kanban system allows you to solve one of the first critical issues in the design of a Just in Time production system, namely the definition of the number of containers to be sized and links to be created. KanbanBOX minimizes the trade-off between the decrease in the number of stocks and the possible risks of stock-outs and missing production.

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A kanban is an information-passing system that ensures that each operating station produces only what is required by the downstream station.

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