KanbanBOX for the management of kanban service supplies

Are you an industrial supplier? Do you want to offer your customer a concrete solution for optimizing the supply process and the management of material?

Do you want to distinguish yourself among the C class items supply by competitively, transparently, conveniently and efficiently organizing your customers' warehouse and Supermarket?

With KanbanBOX you can offer a widespread and customized kanban sales service, able to reduce warehouses management costs: essential to satisfy your customers' needs. With the KanbanBOX integrated logistics system you can introduce yourself into the market with a new digital supply method able to guarantee efficiency, flexibility and customer support.

With KanbanBOX you simplify the supply process, increase your service value and add benefits along the whole sales and purchase system!

Kanban for the customers sales cycle management

Standardization and integrated logistics: offer a winning supply service!

Why should you choose an integrated logistics software for the sales electronic management? For the customer, a kanban sales system is a tool that delegates to the supplier the component reordering and supply management, able to simplify the purchase office duty, automating the information exchange and keeping the kanban dimensioning at operating speed and always in line with the market demand.

Thanks to the KanbanBOX digital revolution and to its electronic kanban system (e-kanban), you can propose yourself with an innovative tool, able to simplify the sales process, minimize waste and save time and resources to everyone otherwise used in low value added activities.

The application of the Pull System concepts to the supply operations managed by KanbanBOX allows establishing profitable relationships with your customers, based on cooperation, transparency ad trust. This makes a supplier really competitive and a real winner on the market!

Besides the customer loyalty, KanbanBOX guarantees a wider and longer term view on your business: take advantage of the benefits deriving from the Just In Time approach and the possibility to be integrated in a multiple and new business possibilities enlarged Supply Chain!

With the KanbanBOX functionalities for sales it is possible to:

  • Offer a high value added logistics consultation

  • Offer an efficient turnkey kanban supply

  • Guarantee a shorter delivery time

  • Guarantee a higher reliability delivery

  • Reduce the number of reminders and urgencies

  • Offer a customized packaging service with pre-labeled material

  • Obtain immediate view on the customer consumption, accessible mobile via an Android or IOS app

  • Check the sales order automatically inserted into the company ERP

  • Forward the information directly to the warehouse or to the production point

  • Track the entire logistics flow

  • Reduce order and circulating material management costs

With KanbanBOX you reduce the warehouse management costs, offer a unique integrated logistics service to your customer and stay competitive on the market!

KanbanBOX is all you need to offer your customer a Just in Time supply that supports him in the supply management, automating the warehouse management, also according to items A, B, C demand forecast.

Thanks to KanbanBOX everybody can earmark precious internal human resources to higher value added activities, eliminating the back-office work need and all those low value added activities (orders, order confirmation, reminders, offer request...).

KanbanBOX allows the creation of collaborative and transparent relationships among customers and suppliers, returning time to establish clever relationships, reducing waste, improving supply flows and reducing management costs.

By integrating the KanbanBOX web interface with the company ERP it is also possible to obtain the accounting process maximum efficiency, such as sales order automatic input and automatic outgoing material upload to the system.

Discover the KanbanBOX functionalities specific for the sales processes optimization!


Simplify the Just in Time supply!

KanbanBOX is the tool that, in any industrial sector, helps suppliers to simplify the material refueling process to their own customers. Thanks to KanbanBOX it is possible to rapidly implement the kanban system, offering a high value added service that creates customer loyalty, giving you a competitive advantage. The KanbanBOX application, easy to use, allows to upload your orders at maximum speed, guaranteeing efficiency and vicinity to your customers with a flexible, transparent and customized service.

  •  Mobile and in real time order receiving and control

  •  Supply Lead Time reduction

  •  Email notification for order process important events

  •  Sales logistics flow tracking

  •  ERP integration

  •  Enlarged Supply Chain with new business opportunities


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