Can we explain it to you better?

The KanbanBOX subscription plan is dimensioned according to activated platform (For the factory or For the Supply Chain, both Professional or Enterprise) and to consumption level, organized in predefined dimension packages to ease it (up to 50, 100, 250... over 1000 loops).

KanbanBOX for the factory is designed for managing all the material flows within the factory. These include production and material handling flows inside the factory, for example between different departments or warehouses. KanbanBOX for the Supply Chain is designed for managing all the company material flows, both internal and external, for example those coming from suppliers and those heading towards customers.

The KanbanBOX subscription plan with Manual functionality instead is fixed and costs 25 $ per month all inclusive.
The “For the Factory Professional” service starts from a cost of 215 $ per month/plant to manage up to 50 internal kanban linkings and up to 200 closed orders per month. The price increases as the number of the active linkings increases, but in terms of an economy of scale: the more linkings you have, the less is the cost of each linking, making the subscription plan more and more convenient. You can get to spend less than 0,30 $ per item! Contact us to know more!
For kanban linking, or kanban circuit or kanban loop, it is meant the management through kanban labels of 1 single code item replenishment flow coming from 1 specific supplier and addressed to 1 specific customer or consumption point. In the kanban linking dimensioning, it is specified the necessary number of labels to place one for each container of the item code. On the KanbanBOX board, each line represents a single kanban linking, with all its labels.

In same cases, kanban management can require more linkings for the same item: as a matter of example, it is possible to have 1 purchase kanban linking of item XYZ to manage the pull flow from the external supplier to the component warehouse and 1 handling kanban linking to set the transfer of the same item XYZ from the warehouse to the assembling line.

No, each subscription plan includes: an unlimited users number, to allow you to involve all the company team in the kanban system management. But it is the Company to decide the different authorization levels!
No, the activation of KanbanBOX licences for all the suppliers and the external customers with which the company decides to manage the kanban material is completely free.
Yes, KanbanBOX doesn't replace your company ERP, but it can integrate with it according to different grades of deepness upon company's discretion: you could that way avoid double charges and lean up company procedures.

From an implementation point of view, activating the communication between KanbanBOX and the ERP is practically immediate, since we use flexible interfaces able to adapt to any ERP. A dedicated connector for a SAP system eased integration is also available.

None! KanbanBOX is a service (SaaS, Software-as-a-Service): no software to install, no server to manage, no hardware or company software maintenance. To access KanbanBOX an Internet connection and a device able to surf the web (PC, tablet, smartphone...) are sufficient.
None! It is possible to start dimensioning company kanbans having at disposal an Internet connection and a device able to surf the web. Moreover, you can print labels using a regular printer.

Otherwise, if you are interested in buying devices able to make your kanbans dimensioning smarter, you can choose among the several products we have selected and that we put at companies disposal.

Starting from the activation, we give every customer a support personal consultant for the software management. Moreover, there is an extra assistance through ticket system with answer within 8 working hours.
Yes! We can offer you a complete, convenient, mindless suite with dedicated service!

In order to make operative your company to the use of KanbanBOX in the fastest way (less than 1 month) and with the least use of internal resources, we offer a Starter Package with support and favored fees. Read more by clicking here: First Run.

No! If you are a supplier and you receive orders from your customers through KanbanBOX, for you registration is free.

If instead you decide to subscribe to KanbanBOX in order to be the one to offer to your customers a high technology and value, extra service that makes you competitive in the market, giving the opportunity to evaluate your supply performance, your customers will benefit of the free license.

Finally, if you decide to use the software for the management of your own suppliers, you can become part of a selected network able to get your business growing! Visit the page For suppliers.

Of course! KanbanBOX not only manages your kanban orders, but any production, sales or purchase order. It is possible to import any Excel file order. Moreover, by integrating the software with your ERP, it is possible to optimize your work without having to duplicate data and business logics. All the changes made in the ERP are immediately visible on the KanbanBOX notice board. In the same way, all the updates made through KanbanBOX are immediately registered into the ERP.
KanbanBOX is a secure, reliable cloud software. In order to guarantee your data security, we use the most advanced protection systems, making you always operative, without interruptions. Operating time of KanbanBOX is indeed extremely high, guaranteeing you a 99,99% uptime . Just consider that in the last two years not more than two minutes downtime have never been exceeded! You can check yourself in real time the reliability of the service by connecting yourself to the link
The KanbanBOX app is multi-language (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Polish and Chinese) and it is in constant development, in order to offer an always updated and reliable service. If you need help in using KanbanBOX in another language, contact our assistant service: the app is customizable!
KanbanBOX, thanks to different using grades and to the variety of its proposals, is a suitable software to companies of any size: multinationals with several plants placed in different areas of the world, or small and medium companies that want to introduced themselves into the market with a high technological value that can help them to keep themselves competitive thanks to an optimal supply and stock management.
Yes! KanbanBOX offers different customization grades. Many of the customization requests, moreover, are provided with no extra cost if coherent and in line with the platform development plan.