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Electronic Kanban for supply chain suppliers

KanbanBOX for Suppliers: web software management advantages

KanbanBOX is a Supply Chain Collaboration web software for managing relationships among suppliers and customers

KanbanBOX makes available, through the net, the spread and eased access to information The web software allows to manage the order complexity through the use of electronic kanban from a digital board shared among the customer and the supplier in which information travels in real time.

With KanbanBOX you will be able to offer to your customer a high added value, efficient, flexible, spread and customized service, that will allow him to evaluate the high performance of your supply.

By enhancing a lean, immediate and collaborative communication with the customers net, KanbanBOX is the essential tool available to the supplier to offer a high value added service in terms of efficiency, flexibility, transparency and technology.

Stop with low value added activities: emails, Excel, phone calls, order confirmations...

More time to establish collaborative and clever relationships with your customers!

Electronic Kanban for supplier


Communicate with all your customers with one sole license and through one sole platform


Manage orders in one sole board, filterable per customer, and release order proofs by changing the label status


Get a general picture of all the active orders thanks to the visual setting of the board


Activate e-mail notification for important events and customize your home page by creating shortcuts.


Change the kanban status and print labels directly from your notice board or with a barcode reader.


Enter anywhere, any devices connected to the Internet: check your customer inventory situation


Get your team involved and create as many users as you want, with no cost, to quickly release orders.


Information on processed orders are always accessible and traceable, increasing trust and transparency.

KanbanBOX for Suppliers: advantages for your business

Thanks to the cloud-based system, integrable with the company ERP, you can activate the information sharing with your customers in order to work in a transparent quick and coordinated way, increasing your competitiveness on the market.

By exchanging information through the KanbanBOX notice board, it is possible to uniform and simplify the customer-supplier dialog on purchase orders, order confirmations, invoices, delivery notifications... The order proof consists in releasing the label linked to the e-kanban: send order confirmations ("processing") and delivery notifications ("Delivered") directly to the board, without issuing any other documents.

Add also your supplies and create kanban linkings in order to manage your orders: you will be able to expand your network and put value along all the supply chain!

Reach your customers anywhere they are, independently from the number of head offices or plants,
from the size, from the language or the technological infrastructure in use!

Electronic Kanban for suppliers


Offer a value service by receiving orders through the e-kanban, showing to the customer your performance


Establish a transparent relationship with your customers, monitor the passages of every single order line and create KPI


Automate data assimilation in one sole system: you will not scatter information and you will obtain KPI for the analyses


Add your supplier and create kanban linkings in order to manage your orders, creating value along your supply chain


With all your customers, anywhere they are, independently from the number of head offices, from the language or the technology in use


Send order confirmations and delivery notifications from the board, without producing any other document.


The more customers are involved in your collaborative supply chain, the more benefits there will be in terms of efficiency and competitiveness


By creating a trust environment and reciprocal interest with your customers, you will save time for higher value activities.

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