KanbanBOX for the management and the control of the entire MD process

A wasteless and functioning hospital service, that aims to an efficient, complete and punctual management of the Medical Devices supply cycle is no longer a utopia.

From the Lean Manufacturing to the Lean Healthcare: KanbanBOX is the material optimized management electronic kanban software specific for the Healthcare.

Man at the center. Thanks to the nursery work flow improvement, it is possible to return to health workers time to carry out the only high value added activity: patient care.

Discover the advantages of KanbanBOX for Health Authorities!

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Lean management for the healthcare

Kanbanbox suite


Warehouse costs, logistics, administrative transitions, expired and obsolescence, financial burden reduction.


Coherent purchases, optimized flows, availability, human error removal, traceability, productivity


Traceability, expiry date management, batch control, stock out risk removal


Use of cutting-edge technology, Service management, center excellence increase, image


Low value activities removal, workers satisfaction and motivation increase, better performance


Consumptions based on effective productivity, monitoring, consumptions transparency, reports

KanbanBOX for the healthcare: management advantages of the web software

The visual management and supply processes application and healthcare goals to the Hospital sector concertize not only through costs reduction, organizational efficiency maximization and process rationalization, but also and especially in the real return of the patient centrality in a Service management perspective for the health system.

KanbanBOX supports those technical-organizational management profiles, to which the governance of strategic change in the health sector is entrusted, with a specific focus on the innovation management and the value production, resources optimization and rationalization, waste reduction according to a Lean type: topics that are absolutely relevant within the international and national health scenario.

Through the complete pharmaceutical and Surgery room, Specialties and Logistics Center, Surgery Procedure Medical Devices supply cycle management, KanabanBOX allows material rationalization and traceability along the whole clinic process.

Thanks to electronic kanban (e-kanban) Pull organization, it is possible to establish and standardize the warehouse and orders management process, normally characterized by a series of routine activities cause of time and resources loss at the expense of strategic activities and administrative, medical and nursery workers cure. The results consist of lead time reduction and its variability, planning ease and a patient response and supply services issuing time higher reliability, easing the hospital itinerary.

Stop the unproductive activities that burdens nursery workers.
More motivated workers, happier patients!

KanbanBOX is an immediate, for all, easy to manage and to use, visual platform. The software sets a unique working standard: when everyone works in the same way, every day, and the pharmacy and the supply areas are designed, organized and arranged to ease the work flow, everything results lean, standardized and efficient. By eliminating stock excesses and the risk of stock out, the lack of material and obsolete supplies, the relevant space management costs and the traditional supply process distribution logistics costs, automatically the systemic benefits an increase, spendable in core activities. Clinic workers are allowed to concentrate on their patients, administrative ones on data and performance measurement: in order to create a structure that can be a real innovation and excellence center.

Ekanban for the healthcare

Lean Organization in the Healthcare.
To take back man at the center.

The application of the Lean Management principles of the KanbanBOX software in a hospital context, emphasizes the principle of the human being centrality within the processes, returning quality time to nursery and administrative workers job, relieving it from all those no core and low value activities, though expensive in terms of time: orders, invoices, DT, goods acceptance, control, distribution...

By eliminating no value added activities and reducing the time of those with no value added, but necessary, the outcome is a system able to provide the best possible service for the patient.

Lean management for hospitals

A Lean Management tool
For an innovative management

Supporting strategic and operative choices aimed to costs, standard costs, analysis and costs center innovative management, KanbanBOX becomes the indispensable tool for doctors, operators, administrative executives, health authority and health trust accountants and managers; health authority and health trust managers, Health Authorities, private and public hospitals, diagnostic centers, polyclinics, care homes.

KanbanBOX is a Visual Management lean tool indispensable to standardize procedures and workplaces, that pays attention to the processes much more than on single activities.

Lean management for the health sector

Standard as benchmark.
For a new management control

Thanks to standardization of the no-value added activities, workers work quality remarkably increases, increasing the focus on core activities, creating satisfaction and motivation. The outcome is a virtuous reconstruction of the different health productive process moments according to the patient itinerary.

With a simple tool it is possible to face different health system mismanagement problems: financial deficits, organizational dissatisfaction, waiting list problems... Efficiency is a fundamental parameter for Health Authorities, that is why flow optimization becomes an indispensable perspective to face any improvement!

Workers motivation, innovative approach, performance measurement, costs control.
A virtuous cycle for patient advantages!

Costs reduction

Through the supply cycle complete management, it is possible to cut administrative and clinical costs.

  •  Warehouse costs reduction

  •  Stock Reduction

  •  Logistics resources costs reduction (receiving operators, control and distribution)

  •  Clinical and administrative costs reduction

  •  Order, invoices and not in compliance process simplification.

  •  Internal distribution costs reduction

  •  Inventory activities removal

  •  Pharmacy reminders and urgencies removal

  •  Expired and out-of-date removal

  •  No core activities resources saving

  •  Error risk/cost management

Process rationalization

An efficient organization means performance control, more motivated workers and happier patients.

  •  Optimized logistics flows

  •  Planned deliveries on the using point

  •  Standardization of the MD purchase procedures management

  •  Unique and simplified managing procedures

  •  Simplified visual setting

  •  Coherent purchases

  •  No core activities removal

  •  Workers productivity increase

  •  Processes necessary for eliminated material refurbishment

  •  Human error reduction

  •  High traceability, reports, technological service