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KanbanBOX is a web software to create a collaborative supply-chain open to your suppliers and customers. It is about a vertical and cloud-based solution provided in a monthly subscription plan, that includes unlimited users, maintenance, updates and assistance. The service is issued in a pay-per-use way and does not entail any initial investment: the subscription plan size depends on the item and the managed kanban relationship number.
Attention: the more your kanban linking number grows, the more convenient the subscription plan becomes. You can get to spend less than 0,15 € per item!

Ideal for the management of few items within the factory
  • Manual Kanban plans
    Manual Kanban

    Independent of the kanban number

  • Kanban linkings dimensioning
    with support in the correct kanban number calculation
  • Kanban label printing
    with a click, by choosing from different pre-made label templates
  • Customizable printing layout and format
    to insert all the necessary information into the productive process
  • Excel file import
    for kanban creation and updating
  • Unlimited user number
    to get all the team involved
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Perfect for the electronic management of production and purchase orders
  • Electronic Kanban plan
    Electronic Kanban

    from €100month
    Proportional to the kanban number

  • All the functionalities of

  • Electronic Kanban
    to trace every label rotation
  • Kanban dimensioning maintenance
    upon advisories or budgets
  • Real time connection
    with Customers and Suppliers
  • Rotation statistics
    of kanbans and of the supply lead time
  • Android and iOS smartphone app
    to manage the kanban system from any device
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Excellent for who wants an integrated and complete tool
  • Electronic Kanban plus plans
    Premium Electronic Kanban

    from €190month
    Proportional to the kanban number

  • All the functionalities of

  • ERP software integration
    through a simple to use API
  • Closed order extension
    in order to manage with the same interface also non-kanban materials
  • DDT loading by barcode
    and of all kanban associated accounting documents and of all closed orders
  • Item technical drawing management
    in order to make the information available when and where it is needed
  • Heijunka levelling off
    by automatic algorithms, time board and "andon"
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Can we explain it to you better?

The KanbanBOX subscription plan is dimensioned according to the functionalities used (Electronic or Premium) and to the number of kanban linkings created, organized in predefined dimension packages to ease it (from 25 to 100, from 100 to 250... up to an unlimited number of linkings)

The "Electronic Kanban" function allows to manage the electronic kanban within your own plant. To manage electronic kanbans also with suppliers and/or external customers it is possible to activate the "external Kanban" functionality.

The KanbanBOX subscription plan with Manual functionality instead is fixed and costs 19 euros per month all inclusive.
The “Electronic Kanban” subscription plan starts from a cost of 100 euros per month to manage up to 25 internal kanban linkings. The price increases as the number of the active linkings increases, but in terms of an economy of scale: the more linkings you have, the less is the cost of each linking, making the subscription plan more and more convenient. You can get to spend less than 0,15 € per item! Contact us to know more!
For kanban linking, or kanban circuit or kanban loop, it is meant the management through kanban labels of 1 single code item replenishment flow coming from 1 specific supplier and addressed to 1 specific customer or consumption point. In the kanban linking dimensioning, it is specified the necessary number of labels to place one for each container of the item code. On the KanbanBOX board, each line represents a single kanban linking, with all its labels.

In same cases, kanban management can require more linkings for the same item: as a matter of example, it is possible to have 1 purchase kanban linking of item XYZ to manage the pull flow from the external supplier to the component warehouse and 1 handling kanban linking to set the transfer of the same item XYZ from the warehouse to the assembling line.

No, each subscription plan includes: an unlimited users number, to allow you to involve all the company team in the kanban system management. But it is the Company to decide the different authorization levels!
No, the activation of KanbanBOX licences for all the suppliers and the external customers with which the company decides to manage the kanban material is completely free.
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