Simplify new kanbans dimensioning

Simplify new kanbans dimensioning and printing

Using the right tools for dimensioning new kanbans and printing the labels means to save up to 80% of operation time, gaining that way important resources that can be dedicated to strategic activities such as the extension and the constant improvement of the kanban system. Just 5 minutes to activate KanbanBOX, insert data and electronically manage the first kanbans! In 10 minutes you can already be connected to the first supplier or customer in order to exchange information in real-time.

real kanban system maintenance

Activate the real kanban system maintenance!

The maintenance of the kanban system and the in time updating of the dimensioning upon the consumption variation are fundamental activities, though often neglected, occasionally performed as they require time. With KanbanBOX all the repetitive operations connected to the maintenance process are simplified so much that it will not require more than two clicks, that way you can concentrate on the real value added activity: punctually updating kanban dimensioning upon consumption variation.

Electronically tracing along all the Lean Supply Chain

Get view along all the Lean Supply Chain

Electronically tracing the filling up and the emptying of your kanbans means to have the opportunity to be aware of the Supply Chain in every moment, to promptly identify possible errors, for instance lost labels, and especially to collect valuable information for the improvement of all the system, such as the consumption trend in relation to the dimensioning data, the effective supply Lead time or the service level received by suppliers.

Reduce stock and Lead Time

Reduce stock and reduce Lead Time

When production and progress are set Just in Time, when there are many internal departments divided in work cells, when the number of semi-worked items is high or a company purchases many components from external suppliers: KanbanBOX is the tool that reduces stock and orders managing costs and eliminates the risk of stock out. Reduce stock and Lead Time, reset the number of reminders to suppliers, see the delivery punctuality as it increases!

collaborative Supply Chain suite

Establish relations among the company areas and the external ones

KanbanBOX is a collaborative Supply Chain suite that establishes relations among the different company areas and external companies, which are involved in production processes. Every time a user performs an action or creates an event, a notification alert is sent. The effect on the complex organizational context of the actual company, made of several departments, several subsidiaries and a number of decision-makers that intervene on one same process, is the shared responsibility spreading among the involved users.

Collaborative Manufacturing software

Increase the value of the whole supply chain

KanbanBOX is a Collaborative Manufacturing software that allows, through the net, spread and eased access to information, allowing to manage the organizational complexity of the internal processes through the e-kanban. The software allows the sharing of information among internal departments, but also among customers, suppliers, third parties, distributors and partners, in order coordinately work on the production planning, contributing to competitiveness in the market in terms of supply chain.

digital transformation of the supplies and orders management

Increase your competitiveness in the market!

KanbanBOX supports companies through the process of digital transformation of the supplies and orders management, increasing the view along the value chain, optimizing flows, reducing stock and improving the Lead Time by enabling the interconnection and the coordinating of those processes which different people or entities are responsible of, functionally or geographically, KanbanBOX is the tool useful to keep a competitive advantage for the manufacturing companies, by increasing their flexibility and efficiency.

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