KanbanBOX for the management of sales and flow supply

KanbanBOX is the Supply Chain Management solution for the distribution supply chain management, that is for the manufacturing company supply processes. It is a Cloud solution, integrable with the ERP, designed for any system organized according tokanban.

KanbanBOX enhances the Supply Chain Collaboration: through a portal shared among sales, production and the various external subsidiaries, the company communication becomes fluid, immediate and interactive. The portal allows an eased access to information, allowing managing the order processes complexity through electronic kanbans (e-kanban).

KanbanBOX simplifies the supply and communication process along the whole value chain and among the various production plants, adding value to the entire sales andpurchase system!

Kanban for the management and control of the entire purchase and sales cycle along the Supply Chain

Sale and purchase: from the distribution chain value!

KanbanBOX is the Cloud software born from the digital evolution of the Lean Management philosophy that spreads to companies the doors of the Supply Chain Collaboration, by supporting them through the electronic transformation process of orders and of supplies.

In the modern market complex situation, the company is at the center of a sales, production and purchase flows together, that make the coordination of these activities complex and vital. The managing simplicity of the KanbanBOX integrated logistics system allows achieving high standards in the supply process, by providing a tool to communicate in real time and hold view on the entire Supply Chain.

With the KanbanBOX functionalities for the Supply Chain it is possible to:

  • Inform in real time the replenishment need

  • Correctly dimension the warehouse

  • Obtain view on the consumption within your own factoryo

  • Reduce the number of reminders and urgencies

  • Receive customized packaging and pre-labeled material

  • Obtain immediate view on customer consumption, accessible mobile via an Android or IOS app

  • Offer an efficient turnkey kanban supply

  • Check the sales order automatically inserted into the company ERP

  • Forward the information directly to the warehouse or to the production point

With KanbanBOX, your view along all the value chain increases, flows are optimized,
supplies are reduced and you will considerably improve Lead Time!

KanbanBOX is all you need to get information systematically around and improve supply flows, relieving internal resources from back-office and order management work, all low value addedactivities.

By integrating the KanbanBOX web interface with the company ERP it is also possible to obtain the maximum accounting processes efficiency (automatic input of sales and purchase orders and automatic upload to system of the incoming and outgoing material).

Discover the KanbanBOX functionalities specific for the sales and purchase processes optimization along the productive chain!


Quick orders and cost reduction!

KanbanBOX is the tool by which you can automatically and quickly manage component purchase from your customers, reducing at minimum warehousing and orders and warehouse managing costs, without ever risking stock out. Thanks to the integrated logistics of KanbanBox for purchasing, you can minimize waste, save time and resources used for low value added activity management, receive material directly to the production Supermarket or to the assembling line, according to the agreements established during the designstage.

  •  Quick and automatic orders

  •  Labeled material and customized packaging

  •   Material in the Super Market or on the assembling line

  •  Logistics chain and circulating material costs reduction

  •  Purchase logistics flow tracking

  •  FiFoFlow suggestion (First In First Out) of the containers



Simplify the managing of the distribution channel!

In a manufacturing company, spare parts, assembling elements, raw material supply time along the manufacturing chain is fundamental to reach productivity efficiency and reduce production Lead Time. Thanks to KanbanBOX it is possible to rapidly implement the kanban system, improving and automating the supply among the different company offices, subsidiaries, warehouses and production centers, optimizing stocks and replenishment time.

  •  Supply optimization

  •  Replenishment procedure simplification

  •  Supply Lead Time reduction

  •  View on the supply status in the various warehouses

  •  Less space occupied by the warehouse

  •  Internal resources released from the orders management


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