Printing kanban labels has never been so easy!

With KanbanBOX you can customize and print kanban labels with one click, to be used both within a traditional kanban system and within the electronic kanban. You can crate different templates for different kanban uses (production kanban, purchase kanban, sales kanban, handling knaban), by selecting the printing layout and the information to be displayed, adding your company logo, pictures of components and colors for each department in a visual management perspective.

With the KanbanBOX MANUAL KANBAN version you can make simple and quick the dimensioning activity and the kanban labels printing, with a tool shared among the whole Team: the users number per license is unlimited.

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Kanban printing functionalities

  • Customizable labels layout

  • Multiple label per page composition

  • Double side printing

  • Component picture or image addition.

  • Barcodes, datamatrix, QR Code

Print in a Lean Visual Management perspective!

Kanban is an information transmission system that insures that every operative station produces only what requested by the previous station. kanban, with its identification label, it is used as purchase, production and transfer instruction, removing paper orders: in this way, warehouse is under control, production is pull and in line with the orders and the deliveries.

Yet with the MANUAL KANBAN version, it is possible to calculate the correct number of kanban and dimension your kanban linkings. Therefore, proceed to printing your labels, in a Lean Visual Management perspective for a clearer vision and the optimal identification within the productive processes, by choosing among different pre-made and customizable templates.

Compared to the traditional kanban, ELECTRONIC KANBAN (E_Kanban) is managed through a simple barcode scanning: all the information travels through a digital format, quick and reliable, keeping a total traceability and enhancing view and control along all the process, both within production and along the entire Supply Chain.

Visual interface comprehensible to anyone.
Automatic recalculation of kanbans and setting up status variety.

    Printing customization

    • Printing layout

    • Company Logo

    • Component picture and code

    • Department color

    • Component supplier and requesting customer

    • Replenishment available time

    • Quantity to be refurbished

Dimension the number of your kanbans!

Kanban is typically associated to a Supermarket warehouse: one of the first criticality in designing a kanban organized Justin Time production system concerns the containers number to be dimensioned and the linkings to be created, in order to minimize the trade-off between the supply number decrease and the possible risks of stock out and missed production.

KanbanBOX supports you by calculating the correct kanban number and by carrying out their number dimensioning in function of the maximum daily Consumption in the considered period, of the supplier replenishment Time (Safe Lead Time), indispensable to satisfy the possible demand increase and the standard Quantity of pieces in the container.

Just a little data and you'll be ready to autonomously print.
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Kanban dimensioning data

  • Material daily consumption (quantity/day)

  • Supplier Lead Time

  • Safety Lead Time

  • Material quantity per container (number of pieces or Ml, Kg, Lt...)

Kanban labels examples

These are some kanban labels examples that can be made in KanbanBOX:

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