KanbanBOX is the web software for managing your kanban system with electronic kanban (e-kanban)

With KanbanBOX you can calculate kanban loops, print kanban cards and manage electronic kanbans, making material flows leaner and waste-free in your manufacturing plant.

Once ready, you can directly connect to your suppliers and customers and manage procurement and sales!

Electronic kanban flow

Who is KanbanBOX for

KanbanBOX is designed for Companies running a kanban system for improving materials management. In the same platform, you can manage both internal kanbans and kanbans with external suppliers and customers.

Purchase kanban

KanbanBOX provides real-time communication and full visibility along the whole Supply Chain KanbanBOX.

Production kanban

With KanbanBOX you can monitor your internal pull materials flow, and keep kanban calculations always up-to-date with current demand.

Sales kanban

Suppliers found that KanbanBOX is an excellent tool to provide a new, value-added kanban service to their Customers!

What can you do with KanbanBOX

Start and develop the kanban system

KanbanBOX offers a complete set of tools to make kanban calculation and printing easy and straightforward. Thanks to electronic kanban, keeping the whole kanban system up to date when production volumes and mix vary is a very quick activity.

Link to your suppliers and customers

KanbanBOX is a network! You can manage kanban with suppliers and customers the same way you run internal production kanban. Just connect with your business partners in KanbanBOX, and you will be ready to share kanban information and consumptions/replenishment signals in real time, simply scanning a bar code.

Get visibility along your Supply Chain

Just a click and you can control all of your kanban cards running in your internal processes or with suppliers and customers. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet: you can create how many users as you want, because we want kanban data to be accessible by everyone who needs then, when they need them.

Access safely from everywhere

KanbanBOX user interface is friendly, fast and easy to use! We implement poka-yoke principles to minimize human errors and prevent abnormal conditions. We adopt the most advanced technologies to secure your data and keep you running without outages.